Purney Beauty | We specialize in Eyebrow Embroidery & Eyelash Extension. Purney Beauty | We specialize in Eyebrow Embroidery & Eyelash Extension.

About Purney

Certified Lash Artist

Purney was first established in 2013, it quickly became one of Malaysia's premier eyelash academy in Malaysia.Founded by Sydney, the name purney came about after much deliberation by combining the word purple (which was Sydney's favourite color) and Sydney's name.

High Standards
for Eyelash Beauty

Before Purney was founded, eyelash extensions standards across beauticians vary greatly. Majority of eyelash beauticians are either self-taught or learn their skills from YouTube. This has resulted in inconsistent eyelash beauty standards that have left customers frustrated.

Purney helped establish a high standard for eyelash beauty in Malaysia. The company was successfully recognised by BIOMOOI, a prestigious beauty company as the sole distributor of its range of beauty products in Malaysia and Singapore. This was a significant milestone as the standard of eyelash training required to become a sole distributorship must be at the international level before it can be awarded.

Professions that last a lashtime

Our Philosophy

Purney aims to increase the exposure of globally recognised eyelash training standards and products globally.

To continually train international standard Purney-certified lash artist that offer the best level of professionalism, hygiene, beauty and care.

Our Brands

The most leading Taiwanese eyelash manufacturer, Biomooi, was founded by Sueno Advisory Service Co. Ltd, a company that has many years of experiences of cosmetic marketing and instrument manufacturing.

Over the past ten years, Biomooi have worked relentlessly with industry professionals to deliver the highest quality eyelash extensions, tools and accessories to its expanding client base. Paired with its supreme training and attention in aftercare, it is not surprising that Biomooi is an established brand across thirty-seven countries. Biomooi is confident in providing the best possible results to its clients.

The KERATINFIX Lash Lifting, which was manufactured by Purney, which contains Keratin ingredients to protect and promote longer-lasting lash results.

It is a safe and easy semi-permanent solution to impressive eyelashes that lifts, curls, boosts and conditions natural lashes. The treatment is a perfect for women who are looking to enhance their natural lashes with minimal commitment required. The product comes with the highest quality products and training suitable for PROFESSIONAL USE especially for salon.

We guarantee that KERATINFIX will take your clients’ lashes and the product experience to the next level. KeratinFix is not a typical lash perming but a Keratin Lash Enhancement treatment specially designed to boost and lift the natural eyelash for a natural look.